"Dr. Nagasawa's breakthrough science has been recognized and honored by the National Institutes of Health, NASA and countless other scientific institutions and journals. The nutrients he and Max have developed have been truly transformational in the lives of so many who have used them. For athletes, they've literally been the difference between victory and defeat. And yet, most people have never heard of Max or its products. I want to change that! I am excited to join Max's mission of taking their life-changing products to the entire world." - Chuck Norris 

"Our family has been taking Max's nutritional products for years. We know firsthand the wonderful benefits they provide and the critical role they can play in anyone's health, performance and quality of life. We believe in Dr. Nagasawa's dream to help people in every country in the world and are committed to his vision and the mission of Max International. Our entire family is thrilled to now be a part of Max's worldwide family." - Gena Norris

Everyone is talking about "GLUTATHIONE". Even Dr. Oz! (See his latest episode about it, left hand side)

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If you LOOK GOOD you FEEL GOOD & if you FEEL GOOD you LOOK GOOD. Now ASK YOURSELF....aren't you worth it!

Steve Scott has been working with top experts and scientists for years to develop Visible Solutions, and each component of the system utilizes a proprietary anti-aging formula. Like all Max products, there is simply nothing else like it on the market. Only available through Max Associates. Be one of the first to receive it and see for yourself. Try it, you'll Love It!

With Max International's incredible lineup of science based products, not only do we feel better, but now we look better. We Look, Feel & Live to the Max!

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If this is your first time to visit, we're glad you are here and certainly invite you to check us out. So what is all this talk about Glutathione? (just think of the phrase; Glue the Tie On, and you'll be close enough and well on your way to learning more about it like we did over the past several months). First and foremost, if you were referred to this website, please click on the Video Arrow above to start a short 3 minute video that explains why we are here and very excited about our future and what's to come. Next click on the Picture with the MAXGXL on the counter as this video helps clearly explain why your body requires Glutathione, yet unfortunately each year you have less & less of it, which is a bad thing. Secondly, if you're skeptical and thinking, "this is just another product and not another one of those deals", click on Why Network Marketing, to the left of this page and see for yourself why we most definitely are not. Then I highly encourage you to click on Why Max, Why Now, Why Not!, What Is Max International, and feel free to continue on to What is Glutathione, the Science & Clinical Studies that support it.  As you can see, it is our ultimate goal to provide you with enough adequate information and research in order to understand why everyone needs to know about MAXGXL. In the end, don't take our word for it, we operate under the the simplistic mindset and principle of "Try it, You'll Like it". You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Ask yourself, "what's your Health worth?" No amount of money can buy your health plus we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our products. The thought of not knowing what this product can do for you or your loved ones is the worst that can happen. Can you afford to let that happen, or not? We believe you're worth it, so bridge the gap......make a decision, Let's Get Maxed and make things happen.  Here's to your health, mind, body & spirit.


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